Industry Sector Strategies
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The SETC has identified the importance of aligning economic development and workforce efforts in New Jersey. As a result, in June 2012 the SETC passed a resolution establishing sector strategies as the framework for New Jersey’s workforce system.

SETC Resolution #2011-04 Sector Strategies [pdf 1MB]


NJ Talent Networks

The state’s nine industry‐focused Talent Networks have been connecting jobseekers, employers, educational institutions and workforce programs and providing key intelligence on the workforce needs of the state’s key industries. Now the Talent Networks are focused on building new employer‐driven partnerships throughout the state. These Targeted Industry Partnerships will have developed plans for meeting the skill needs of employers and building new pathways to economic opportunity.

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Construction & Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Food Industry
  • Health Care
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail, Hospitality & Tourism
  • Technology
  • Transportation, Logistics & Distribution
NJ Talent Development Centers

New Jersey is investing in the development of seven Talent Development Centers at community colleges and universities focused on the following industries:

  • Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Construction & Utilities;
  • Financial Services;
  • Health Care;
  • Life Sciences;
  • Retail, Hospitality & Tourism; and
  • Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

Each TDC will serve as a “center for excellence” in the state and will provide training to dislocated workers, disadvantaged workers, and incumbent workers with state funds from the Workforce Development Partnership Program. These Centers will also serve as anchors for expanded high‐quality employer‐driven partnerships in their industry and will further build the capacity of the state’s higher education institutions to provide education and training aligned with the needs of the state’s key industries.