Governance Committee

The SETC is responsible for the oversight of local Workforce Investment Boards.  As part of these efforts they oversee and develop appropriate standards to ensure local WIBs are in compliance with state and federal law, the state plan and other relevant documents regarding membership and functions.  The SETC prepared a WIB Member handbook which provides policy and operational guidance on the roles and responsibilities of local WIBs in carrying out their planning, policy guidance and oversight functions of their local workforce investment systems. 

This committee establishes standards and priorities, and provides oversight and guidance for local Boards with the goal of enhancing and empowering local WIBs in carry out their own planning and oversight responsibilities.  The Governance Committee leads the Local WIB Certification Process and makes recommendations for local WIBs to be certified with the approval of the SETC.  The committee is chaired by JoAnn Trezza, SETC member and Vice President of Human Resources for Arrow Shed, LLC.